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Technology of dairy products training manual

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Milk is a valuable nutritious food that, if untreated, will spoil within a few days. However, there are a number of preservation techniques that can be used at a small scale to extend its shelf life by several days, weeks or even months. Some of these processing methods also produce foods that have different flavours and textures, which can increase the value of the milk when these products are sold. This textbook gives an overview of the types of dairy processing that are possible at a small scale of operation. Details of the individual processing methods are given in textbook: Pasteurised milk; Butter and ghee; Soured milk and yoghurt; Cheese-making; Ice cream production and National Kazakh meals.
Other methods of milk processing, such as making dried milk powder, sterilised milk (UltraHigh-Temperature or ‘long-life’ milk and bottled sterilised milk), canned (evaporated or condensed) milk, or milk by-products such as casein, are not possible at a small scale because of the very high costs of equipment and the specialist technical knowledge required.
Basic principles of breeding and feeding of agricultural animals open up in train aid. The complex and analytical going is carried out near description of technology of production of products of stock-raising - milk and beef, pork and mutton, products of the poultry farming and horse breeding, production of wool and other industries.The manual is developed in accordance with the standard curricula of bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral specialties of B068, M111 - "Food production" speciality, scientists and employees of agro-industrial complexUDC

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